Code of Federal Regulations Compliance

Consumer Products Safety Commission, Code of Federal Regulations, 1513.6 stipulates that:

Instructions shall accompany each Bunk Bed set, and shall include the following information:

Mattress size must be shown.
On upper Bunk use only a mattress that is: Twin 38 x 74 inches Double/Full 53 x 74 inches (All Riddle Bunk Beds come with bed slats so a foundation unit is not required).
For Bunk Beds and Loft Beds manufactured by Riddle Manufacturing Inc. the mattress thickness must not exceed 9 inches, and the top surface of the mattress is at least 5 inches below the upper edge of the guardrails, and is at least 5 inches below the upper edge of end structures for more than 50 percent of the distance between the two posts of the end structure.
Do not allow children under 6 years of age to use the upper bunk.
Prohibit horse play on or under beds.
Prohibit more than 1 person on the upper bunk (our experience at Riddle Manufacturing Inc is that children will disregard such instructions and normal child exuberance will happen. All Riddle Full Bunk Beds have additional stiffeners to provide extra support for bed rails, and to give extra sway bracing the end structures).
Use ladder for entering or leaving upper bunk (All Riddle Bunk Beds are constructed so that the end frames are the ladder. A separate ladder for side access is available as an option).
If the Bunk Bed will be placed next to a wall, the guardrail that runs the full length of the bed should be placed against the wall to prevent entrapment between the bed and the wall.
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